Thermowood decking for production boats

Thermowood decking for production boats

We are looking for close collaboration with boat manufactures, boatyards designers or private owners to deliver our stunning and sustainable thermowood decking to your yacht or project.

Our thermoash decks are made to yacht manufacturers specifications as per model and area for decking. We will keep a template either on file or in solid form for reproduction. This is best for composite boats that are produced in high volume wihtout change to the layout and configuration. The advantage to yacht manufacturers is a order for a deck can be placed before the yacht construction has begun. We will begin manufacturing the thermowood deck at the samet ime as the yacht, so it will be ready on händ for installation.

Concious boat owners are increasingly requsting natural, but sustainable alternartives for traditional teak decking. We can guarantee that our thermowood decking is ideal to meet those requirements. Our termowood decking is completely natural, chemical free and sustainable approach to preserving the world’s tropical rainforests.

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real wood product

Made from 100% real wood


Wood from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification


Highest available durability class for real wood