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Thermowood Decking provides a sustainable real wood alternative to conventional Burmese teak decking, catering to superyachts and boats of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

Our unique thermally modified wood offers the highest available durability class 1, while the manufacturing process remains completely natural, chemical-free, and sustainable. By choosing Thermowood Decking, you contribute to the preservation of the world’s tropical rainforests, while enjoying the beauty and durability of real wood decking.

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How do you build the sustainable and natural wood deck for your yacht?

It takes more than just a good-looking product

The sustainable and high quality materials is very important to us, therefore, for each project we use thermally modified ash that comes from sustainably managed forests and we carefully select the planks which we use to manufacture our decks.

Thermowood decking boards are designed, treated and milled in Estonia from the nordic timber with the perfect weather resistance in mind.

Decking boards undergo intense thermal modification, which gives them unrivaled durability and stability that runs all the way through to the core.

Each board is naturally beautiful, knotless, expertly modified and highly functional – the perfect mix of art and science.

In the initial phase of the project, we take digital measurements or make the template on the yacht of the original deck to create a precise design after which its passed to the workshop for the production of panels.

The decks are built in workshop with the pre-construction system that consists of manufacturing panels and individual sections which allows a quick installation on board. During the installation process, we bond the deck panels directly to the boat, without fiber and plywood underneath, using the vacuum pressing system. At last, we caulk the perimeter and we carry out a superficial sanding of the deck to obtain an optimal finish.

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Real wood product

Made from 100% real wood


Wood from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification


Dimensionally stable in changing weather conditions


Highest available durability class for real wood

Thermowood Decking value lies in its ability to offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional teak and composite decking options.

Unlike teak decking, which is often harvested from unsustainable sources and contributes to deforestation, Thermowood Decking uses thermally modified thermo-ash sourced from sustainably managed forests in Canada and Estonia. This not only helps to protect the environment but also ensures a long-lasting and durable deck that requires minimal maintenance.

Compared to composite decking, which is made from a combination of plastic and wood fibers, Thermowood Decking offers a truly natural and authentic wood deck experience without the use of harmful chemicals. It also boasts a lower thermal conductivity, which means it won’t become too hot in the sun, making it perfect for barefoot enjoyment.

In short, Thermowood Decking offers a unique and desirable solution for those seeking a sustainable and authentic wood decking option. Its specific advantages over traditional teak and composite decks make it a concise and compelling choice for any yacht owner looking to make a difference for the environment.


Why to prefer thermo-ash deck
instead of traditional Burmese teak deck?

Durable real wood thermo-ash decking boards with beauty and longetivity in every fiiber.

For centuries, Burmese teak has been viewed by yacht builders as the King of Wood, trusted as the material of choice for yachts decks due to it’s durability, hardness and beauty.

However, there is now a need for a more sustainable timber alternative. The perfect timber for extreme weather conditions is Thermo-ash.

Thermo-ash decking boasts the highest available durability class 1 and it doesn’t contract or expand. It’s also knot-free and possesses a deep, rich tone. And unlike tropical wood, ash won’t spoil your tools or give off toxic dust. Thermally modified wood is natural, chemical free and environmentally safe.

  • Thermo-ash is a sustainable alternative for tropical hardwood – No guilt of rainforest destruction
  • Thermo-ash have the performace of teak and stunning visual characterstics, while providing cost effective real wood alternative for the yacht sector
  • Thermal modification process is entirely natural, using only heat and steam
  • Thermowood deck maintenance is completely chemical free
  • Teak decks are not the same as they used to. In many cases modern teak decks are only little more than a quick way for the manufacrturer to up the „class“ of their product
  • Teak decks actually do need very good maintenance practice to look good for many years. Thermally modified wood, which unrivaled durability and stability runs all the way through to the core – requires almost no maintenance
  • Thermally modified wood has low thermal conductivity – Doesn’t become too hot in the sun

Our decking solutions provide the long-lasting comfort and visual appeal for which thermowood products are so well known.

Our yacht thermowood decks are exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable with a deep, rich color. It would be no exaggeration to say that thermo-ash is the dream real wood decking material – timeless, stunning, long lasting and barefoot friendly.


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